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Jar of Old Mule BBQ Sauce

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Jar of Old Mule BBQ Sauce


I'd just like to say, that in october i was spending time in florida with family. we decided to barbecue some steaks, ribs and chicken. my cousin sat down to eat with us when he said he had a great sauce for us to try. well being from new jersey we already have a "I'm not gonna like it" attitude before we even try something.
he started telling us that on his way from jersey to florida one trip, he stopped in NC to visit a friend and went into a local store to get a few things.
he came a cross a jar of "old mule" and could have sworn he had heard about it, but couldn't remember from who. so he bought a jar and later on mentioned it to his friend. his friend explained that once he tasted it, he would NEVER buy anything else. how right he was.
so here he was bragging to us about it.
well, it was by far one of the best sauces we have ever had.
he's been here for the holidays and is driving home on saturday.
he told us he's stopping in NC to visit friends and also pick up a case of your sauce.
well...one for him and of course one for us.
who ever is thinking of purchasing, should be at ease as this is by far addicting and absolutely DELICIOUS.
Date Added: 01/04/2006 by paula rodrigues