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Jar of Old Mule BBQ Sauce

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Jar of Old Mule BBQ Sauce


This review submitted by Wayne Mayo:

Folks, after 63 years I probably have bought enough BBQ sauce to retire well
if I had all my money back. In most cases I have been disappointed due to
most of them tasting commercial, or ketchup based, however let me share with
you folks I can taste the care and love you guys have put into your product.
I had to crack open a jar, which led to an early lunch for me today. I will
have to say you guys are sitting on the top tier for me. Absolutely
FANTASTIC, just the right flavor and right bite.
Hey love my tee shirt, and the fast shipping just put the final touch to a
great experience. I will be calling again soon. Have a blessed day. Regards
Wayne Mayo
Date Added: 12/04/2013 by Cheryl Modlin