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"Flat Rate" Shipping**

Mix and match varieties:

  • Mustard based sauce
  • The Original (Half Kick)
  • Hot (Full Kick) for those who love something hot and spicy.
  • No Kick
  • Smoked Chipotle
 Our original recipe is what we call our "half" kick "BBQ-Marinade-Dipping" sauce. We make it ourselves here in the Carolina Hills. We have a "full" kick version of this sauce as well. This kick sneaks up on you and the burn kind of hangs around for a bit! 

If heat is not your thing, our No Kick gives you the same sweet bold flavor without the spice.

Also available, is our Mule Mustard BBQ Sauce! If you love mustard (and probably even if you don’t) you will love this sauce. A sweet, tangy, tasty sauce you will surely enjoy.

And we have just rolled out our Smoked Chipotle Old Mule!  The sweet bold smokey flavor of chipotle pepper with just enough kick to let you know you're alive.

"Flat Rate" Shipping
1-24 Jars (or up to 6 half gals.).....................$12 anywhere in US (lower 48)

*After 24 jars or 6 half gallons a new $12 rate begins on the second Package

A Few Notes:

*Above 24 jars (or 6 half gallons) the order needs another package and a new rate applies  (example: 30 jars would be 1 package of 24 jars at $12 shipping and 1 package of 6 jars at $12 shipping).

*Gift-Full Box: Sometimes for gifts the package looks “more complete” if it is a full box.  Our shipping boxes are 6, 12 and 24 jar size if you want to send a full package.

*Years ago we made the decision to package our sauces in glass so we would avoid the use of added preservatives.  We prefer this approach.  Unfortunately, using glass does add to the weight (and cost) for shipping.   Hopefully, our customers understand and agree!!

Keep extra on hand.  Old Mule makes a great "Emergency Gift" for the unexpected occasion or group gift. It has a long shelf life (years). 

 So, stock up!

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