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"Folks, after 63 years I probably have bought enough BBQ sauce to retire well if I had all my money back. In most cases I have been disappointed due to most of them tasting commercial, or ketchup based, however let me share with you folks I can taste the care and love you guys have put into your product.
I had to crack open a jar, which led to an early lunch for me today. I will have to say you guys are sitting on the top tier for me. Absolutely FANTASTIC, just the right flavor and right bite.
Hey love my tee shirt, and the fast shipping just put the final touch to a great experience. I will be calling again soon. Have a blessed day.  Regards Wayne #####."
Wayne - Tallahassee, FL

"What can we say, you all are very professional and expedient, we have received our package and you now have a customer for life. Your sauces are awesome and your service is too. We look forward to continuing doing business with you."
Mercer - Billings, MT

"A friend of mine brought some of your AWSOME! sauce from North Carolina. It was the best stuff I have ever tasted. It by far exceeds anything in our grocery stores these days. I am a Florida native and I have tasted LOTS of different sauces, marinades and such. This stuff is great. My husband is an avid hunter (deer, bear, turkey - whatever is in season). This stuff is great. My question is where and how can I get more."
Michell - Land O Lakes, FL

"Awesome Sauce!"
Joe- Williamsburg, VA

My husband received as a xmas gift your product and was delighted!!
Anna - High Point, NC

"You've got the best BBQ sauce I've run across yet!"
Tom-Fort Myers, F

"On May 16th and 17th, Smokin' Dan's BBQ (Dan Erickson and I) will be cooking in the MN in May BBQ contest in Cambridge, MN. Of course, we'll be featuring our spice blend, Bold-R-Dash, but we'll also be using your Old Mule almost exclusively as our finish (and additive to our mop mix). At the moment, we are also planning to cook at the National Pork Expo/BBQlossal in Des Moines, IA in early June and again at the NE State Championship BBQ contest in Omaha in late September. Last year we placed 2nd in Pork Shoulder ($250 prize) at the MN in May contest and 1st ($600) in Beef Eye of Round at the NE State Championships. The combo of Bold-R-Dash and Old Mule is not only very tasty, but award winning!"
Matt Pearce - Minneapolis, MN

"My husband and I received a bottle of your barbeque sauce as a gift. It was the best barbeque sauce that we have ever tasted. We made ribs for a group of people and everyone raved about the sauce. Thank you so much, and once again... your sauce is excellent!!"
Laurie - Rockledge, FL    

"Old Mule Rocks!!"
Randy - Rutherfordton, NC