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Shipping Policy

We do make every effort to keep shipping costs to a minimum and will normally ship via FedEx Ground or FedEx Smartpost (via US Mail).

Flat Rate Shipping
1-24 Jars (or up to 6 half gals.)..............$12 anywhere in the continental US*

*After 24 jars or 6 half gallons a new $12 rate begins on the second Package

To calculate shipping rates simply add an item to your cart and click "Estimate Shipping".

A Few Notes:

*Above 24 jars (or 6 half gallons) the order needs another package and a new rate applies  (example: 27 jars would be 1 package of 24 jars at $12 shipping and 1 package of 3 jars at $12 shipping).  This also applies to gift boxes and shirts.  The total package is $12 up to a weight of 48 pounds and then the count starts over with another $12 (the website takes care of that stuff).  *Slightly higher rates apply to Alaska and Hawaii based on package weight (sorry guys).

*Full Box: Sometimes for gifts the package looks “more complete” if it is a full box.  Our standard shipping boxes are 6, 12 and 24 jar size if you want to send a full package.

*Years ago we made the decision to package our sauces in glass so we would avoid the use of added preservatives.  We prefer this approach.  Unfortunately, using glass does add to the weight (and cost) for shipping.   Hopefully, our customers understand and agree!!

Keep extra on hand.  Old Mule makes a great "Emergency Gift" for the unexpected occasion or group gift. It has a long shelf life (years). 

 So, stock up!

Return Policy

As our Old Mule BBQ Sauce is a food product, we generally do not accept returns. However, if you are unsatisfied with your order please contact us.

We do provide a 30 day return policy for non-food products, customer will be responsible for return shipping.